Breakfast Buffet at Rulfo – Apr 5, 2015

Oh man, I really should have written this a long time ago! I’ll write about everything I remember and forgive me if I forget something…I’d better also preface this by letting you know I’m not a huge fan of buffets. On the one hand, I love to eat and I love having the opportunity to try a lot of different foods, but on the other hand I tend to overeat at buffets to the point where I don’t feel well for the next 20 or so hours. I know what you’re thinking, “Why don’t you just eat less at a buffet?” And that’s a fair question, but it’s a deep-seated problem because buffet meals are usually more expensive than an à la Carte meal, and therefore I feel the need to eat more to “get my money’s worth.” In the case of Rulfo, it didn’t help that they have A LOT of good food to choose from. They have an amazing selection of fruits, including bananas, papaya, pineapple, cantaloupe, guava, mamey, coconut, watermelon, chicozapote, and golden passion fruit. There’s also a cereal/yogurt bar that has various kinds of cereal, milk, and yogurt, and toppings such as granola, fresh berries, dried fruit, honeys, seeds, and nuts. Furthermore, there’s a bread and charcuterie section, with 3-4 kinds of cheeses, 3-4 kinds of meats (including the delicacy jamón ibérico), and various breads. But don’t fill up on all of these, as the hot food station has some mouth-watering local and international specialties. My favourite Mexican dishes were the chilaquiles, tamales, and refried beans. And my all-time favourite breakfasts were available here, too: eggs benedict and Belgian waffles, which were both fantastic. There was also a delicious cooked cheese prepared with pink peppercorns (although I forget what it was called). And if you’re a fan of eggs, don’t skip the omelette station, where you can get your eggs cooked in your favourite style, freshly prepared on the spot. And they have the brekkie staples of bacon and sausages, but the bacon was dry and overcooked, and the sausage wasn’t very flavourful. And in keeping with the incredible variety, to drink you can have coffee in pretty much any form, or various tea flavours, and 4 different kinds of freshly pressed fruit juices. I’m partial to the green juice. For the most part the food is fresh and tasty, and there’s definitely a ton of options, but it is pricey, as you might expect, so I really can’t see myself returning. It’s nice to try it once or if you want to go for a special occasion, but I wouldn’t recommend it on a regular basis.

Ratings (on a scale of 1-5):
Food taste: 3.5
Food portion size: n/a (if I eat too much, that’s my own fault)
Food health: 2.5 (most of the options are heavy, fatty, and indulgent)
Service: 4
Value: n/a (this is the whole reason I’m biased against buffets)
Décor: 3.5 (the Hyatt décor is great, but the seats aren’t very comfortable)
Ambiance: 4
Music: 4


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