Lunch and Afternoon Tea (not really) at Meridiem Restaurant in Museo Nacional de Antropología – Apr 4, 2015

During our first weekend in Mexico City we decided to play tourist. We went to the Museo Nacional de Antropología first thing on Saturday morning to beat the crowds, and also because the museum is so large and covers such a huge time span, that we wanted as much time as possible to see it all. We did somehow manage to see the entire museum in a day, and stopped to eat in the museum’s restaurant, Meridiem, twice. For lunch I had the arrachera a la tampiqueña, which is a skirt steak (a long and flat piece of meat prized for its flavour rather than its tenderness). And it was extremely flavourful. It was a beautiful meal, complete with sides of guacamole and vegetables. It was delicious & filling, and it was also a great value. This was a happy surprise, considering that most food options inside of an attraction tend to be pricier. Anyway, after lunch we checked out the second half of the museum. It’s an incredibly interesting place and Mexico has a long and fascinating history. So before we were finished we needed a snack to keep us going. We went back to Meridiem and had queso fundido with chorizo. A light, healthy snack, it was not. But it was delicious. Very delicious. Hubby and I nearly fought over the last bites! If you’re not sure what this dish is, it’s cheese and little bits of chorizo fried in a skillet until it’s one gooey, yummy substance. Then it’s served in the cast iron skillet it was cooked in, to keep the cheese warm and melted for as long as possible. It was served with homemade tortilla chips. I can’t get over how ubiquitous the homemade tortilla chips are here. Why are we stuck with prepackaged stuff in Canada?? If you want the good stuff (i.e. homemade), you have to really seek it out and that usually includes a substantial drive. But I digress. We ate on the patio both times; we were coming off of a Calgary winter – albeit a relatively mild one – so we jumped at any chance to be out in the warm, Mexican sun. The cute little squirrels hanging out in the patio trees were clearly used to getting some tourist’s leftovers. They didn’t seem to have any fear of people…not even the little brat that was throwing sticks and rocks at them (don’t get me started on that one…let’s just say he was a poster boy for the need for spanking). Anywho, the queso fundido snack gave us the energy we needed to finish viewing the museum. I’m proud to say that we saw the entire museum that day, which wouldn’t have been possible without Meridiem restaurant.

Ratings (on a scale of 1-5):
Food taste: 4.5
Food portion size: 5
Food health: 3 (the arrachera dish is a 4, but the queso fundido is a 2)
Service: 2 (the server forgot about us during lunch, and it took a while to get a server the second time)
Value: 4
Décor: 3.5 (speaking only of the patio)
Ambiance: 3.5
Music: n/a (I don’t remember hearing any music on the patio)

 DSC_6584_The museum courtyard

2015-04-04 Meridiam IMG_5552The Meridiem patio (google image, not my photo)

DSC_6494_One of the bold squirrels looking for a handout (get a job, ya lazy squirrel!)


I was there, too! 🙂


One of the amazing pieces inside the museum.


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