Dinner at Porfirio’s – Apr 3, 2015

After watching Furious 7 our friends took us to Porfirio’s in San Ángel for dinner. From the moment we walk in I was impressed. The furniture, the lighting, and the DJ behind the bar (I’ve noticed many restaurants with in-house DJ’s) all had a hip (but definitely not hipster) vibe. We started off with some guacamole for the table. It was freshly and perfectly prepared. I had to demonstrate heaps of restraint to not consume more than my fair share of it! Next we got the tacos sudados surtidos to share among us, which are traditional canasta-steamed tacos. The cilantro and onion were served separately to prepare the taco to your liking. I highly recommend adding some guacamole to your tacos. For my main course I ordered the camarón gigante al carbón (giant charbroiled shrimp); I was debating between those and the camarón diabla, but was worried the diabla would be too spicy for me. I definitely made the right decision, since someone else at the table got the diabla and they were loaded with spicy seasoning. My shrimp, while nearly unseasoned, was incredibly flavourful and delectable. My husband ordered the pulpo a la parilla (grilled octopus) and it was enormous, so I tried some. It was prepared very simply (it seemed to have no seasoning other than salt) and grilled to perfection. And I’m not sure how I made room for dessert, but we ordered churros to share. I was really excited since I hadn’t had churros in years. They arrived in a mini food cart (like the kind you see on the streets here) and with 4 sauces – crème Anglais, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, and cajeta (a Mexican confection of caramelized milk). I cannot say enough good things about this desert. The churros were warm and sugary. All 4 of the sauces were incredibly luscious, although I did prefer the crème Anglais; and the combination of the freshly made churros with the sweet sauces was extravagantly sinful. And if all of this decadence weren’t enough, they brought obleas to the table when they brought the bill. I had never tried, seen, nor heard of obleas before. They’re almost like gigantic communion wafers folded in half with a thin layer of cajeta in the middle. Like a sweet, holy taco. And they’re coloured in lovely pastels. Thank goodness they’re so light and thin, or I never could have managed to try them. I was insanely full by the end of this meal, but everything was so amazing, I would happily do it all over again!

Ratings (on a scale of 1-5):
Food taste: 5
Food portion size: 4.5
Food health: 4 (I would’ve given a 5, but churros are fried dough, and delicious as they are, they cannot be deemed healthy)
Service: 4.5
Value: 4
Décor: 4
Ambiance: 5
Music: 4

2015-04-03 Porfirios IMG_5538Camarón gigante al carbón (google image)

2015-04-03 Porfirios IMG_5540Pulpo a la parilla (google image)

2015-04-03 Porfirios IMG_5537The incredible churro cart (google image)

2015-04-03 Porfirios IMG_4359_

Our pretty obleas


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