Furious 7 at Cinemex VIP Cuicuilco – Apr 3, 2015

After our late brunch at Le Pain Quotidien on Good Friday, we decided to catch a movie. Because of my limited language skills, the group’s choices were limited to English movies with Spanish subtitles (many movies here are dubbed in Spanish). The big opener that weekend was Furious 7. I’ve never seen any of the Fast and Furious franchise films (try saying that 3 times quickly) and I normally would have been opposed to seeing it (especially in a theatre, which means financially supporting it). But thanks to the How Did This Get Made podcast (which I started listening to about 6 months ago), I was a little more willing to watch the movie and try to enjoy it for what it is: pure ridiculousness. I also figured that How Did This Get Made would eventually do an episode on this movie and it’s always more fun to listen to the podcast when you’ve seen the film. So we went to a big multiplex that was playing the movie on several screens and they were all sold out for the matinee showings starting anytime from 3 to 5:30pm! So we called Cinemex Cuicuilco and found a few tickets in their VIP theatre. As far as I know there are no VIP theatres in Calgary, but I tend to go to the older theatres, so I might be wrong. But this was an impressive experience. There were maybe 100 seats in the whole theatre and they were all leather club chairs, each with a little glass tray table to put you food and drink on. And if that weren’t awesome enough, they have servers who come to your seat and take your food and drink order, then bring it to you! And if THAT weren’t awesome enough, you can order wine and beer! Hubby and I decided a couple of beers would help us enjoy the movie. Well, they helped, but not enough. I cannot count how many times I said out loud, “Oh, brother.” This just isn’t my kind of movie. Although I will say that I was impressed with the Paul Walker CGI footage. They had already filmed some scenes with him before his untimely demise, but for the rest of the movie they used his 2 brothers as body doubles and CGI’d his face and managed to add his voice. Except for one scene, in which I felt it was obviously CGI’d, it was really well done and I am not sure which scenes were filmed with Paul Walker vs. which ones were filmed with his brothers. Anyway, the film is action-packed and filled with crazy stunts. I may not have liked it, but I can say that it was not boring. And if I had to watch it, at least I was comfortably reclined in my club chair, happily drinking my beer!


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