Dinner at Los Almendros – Apr 2, 2015

We were wandering around looking for a place to have supper when we came upon Los Almendros. My husband had been before and liked it, so I gave it a try. The moment we entered I was impressed with the high ceilings, colourful walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows, making it feel as though we were outdoors (except that outdoors it was raining and we were nice and dry). It just got better from there. Our server was amazing – attentive, friendly, and 100% on top of things. The restaurant specializes in food from the Yucatán. We ordered some tamalitos en salsa de axiote to start and while we waited for them our server brought us a sample of their delicious tacos cochinita. The tamalitos were flavourful with a little spicy kick. I ordered myself a mango margarita and it was freshly made and rimmed with tamarind. I wish that I could have that combination of flavours in my mouth forever! It was so delicious, but also dangerous because I could hardly taste the tequila. I did have a second one, but had to force myself to stop there. As my main course I ordered the pescado Tikin-xic Yucatán because I’m a huge fan of fish and seafood, and there are all kinds of amazing new dishes and even new kinds of fish I’ve never tried. So I’m actually not sure what kind of fish this was (“pescado” just means “fish”), but according to tradition it was most likely in the Grouper or Halibut family. The Tikin-xic sauce that the fish is marinated in is made of axiote, garlic, chiles, spices, lime, and orange, and then it’s wrapped in banana leaves. A nice touch at Los Almendros is that the fish is served still in the banana leaf. It was very traditional and authentic, not to mention delectable! Overall, this has been one of my favourite restaurants so far (and as of this writing I’ve tried about 20)!

Ratings (on a scale of 1-5):
Food taste: 5
Food portion size: 5
Food health: 4.5
Service: 5
Value: 4.5
Décor: 5
Ambiance: 5
Music: 4 (I was told that the music was all from the Yucatán region)

2015-04-02 Los Almendros IMG_4344
The amazing mango margarita!)

2015-04-02 Los Almendros IMG_4839
This is a google image of pescado Tikin-xic, as I devoured mine without taking a photo first)


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